Some of the finest quality antique rugs in the world have its origin from the orient or the eastern part of the world. The countries in the Middle East, Far East and South Asia produce some of the best antique rugs in the world. Some of the countries like India, Pakistan and Iran has a rich history in weaving and has been providing the best rugs for many centuries. These rugs are known for their minute and detailed designs. The sophistication and the passion towards the work are very evident in their work. In this article, we will see some tips to buy the best antique rugs. It consists of some of the important things that you should note before buying the rugs.

Age of the rugs

buying the rugs

The age of the rugs is one of the most important things that you need to take into consideration while buying the rugs. There is a reason why the antique and vintage rugs are very expensive when compared to the newly made pieces. Most of the heirloom rugs were made at least a century ago. They have a traditional and a cultural value which is not there in the normal rugs. According to the age of the rugs, the price will vary. There are some rugs that might cost millions of dollars.

Knot Density

The knot density is one of the main parameters that evidently indicates the quality of the rugs. As a buyer is one of the important things that need to be given a lot of importance. This is also one of the factors that determine the durability of the rugs. Different rugs have different density rating. It is very easy to test the knot density. All you need to do is just press the fingers hard. It will feel tight if the rugs have a high knot density.


Weave evenness

As mentioned earlier, these rugs are made at least a century before. So the finish will be very different when compared to the rugs that are made in the recent times. Weave evenness is one of the elements that need to be watched. The weave does not have to be uniform, but it needs to be very consistent in the entire rug.



There are different kinds of techniques when it comes to making rugs. The most expensive ones are handmade rugs. These handmade rugs are hand knotted by a designated artisan. There are possibilities that some of them might even spend a year in making one rug. There are also heirloom drugs that are comparatively less when compared to handmade rugs.


Most of the rugs are made out of wool. The rugs that are made out of wool from Switzerland costs more than the rest. The rugs made from Switzerland wool is considered to be one of the finest quality rugs in the world. There are some rugs that are made out of silk. Some of the cheap rugs are made from artificial rugs. The fiber that the rug is made from is a key factor that decides the cost of the rugs.